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Ambivert | Multipotentialite | Altruistic | Pro Declutterer

Mechanical Engineering and Management Graduate by Education; Project Management, Strategy & Growth Facilitator by Profession; Hustler, People's Person, Sport Enthusiast, Adventure Seeker, Culture Vulture, Wanderlust & Hardcore believer of Spontaneity by Passion.

Technology | Sports | Sustainability | Inclusion | Social Impact

My work experience expands over a swathe of cross-functional projects across technology, engineering, sports management, inclusion, sustainability & social impact. Beyond being able to motivate and supervise team members, manage performance & run efficient systems, I’ve always made sure that my contributions have been strategically formulated for growth.

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I am a happy workaholic who explores productivity hacks and loves smart work - basically getting things done in the least time, with utmost precision, yet super effectively, and my love for striking off my to-do lists is eternal - they reduce anxiety about the chaos of life; puts structure to work, a go-to default motivator; and the proof of what one can achieve in a stipulated time.

I learn every day while I also make sure I unlearn what is not necessary; it’s a continuous cycle of grasping ever more concepts and exhibiting ever more intricate behaviours that help me at work and in life.

I believe 

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.

A world sans gender and race discrimination- a place where there is no 'weaker' and 'stronger' sex or race, but one where both live in mutual harmony and respect for one another-sans biases, sans violence, is the future I am striving towards.

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Self Love is a Conscious Choice

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