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The Mustard Wall!

From the heart, raw and real, unfiltered, unadulterated.

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"the journey"

What is it that fuels me? 

Very close friends of mine who have known me for years and have seen my pile of notepads and diaries have asked me why I write. I mostly told them, that I love writing because I enjoy the process; it lets me talk to myself and my readers about the many things I carry within myself. For me, any journey starts from within.

So I started writing when I was 11, studying in a convent school and trying to cope with what dysfunctional families do to kids, writing began as journaling for me, mostly my conversations with Jesus at the Chapel every evening post-school hours.

At 15, I started writing about everything around me, my family, my friends, and even the people I got to meet or interact with.

At 19, finding myself in a very different space, with more exposure to the outside world beyond one's own city limits, unlike how it was during school days, I started writing about emotions, about people who seem to excite me, amuse me and even whose aura attracted me.

Since a very young age, I had always been that go-to person for most of my friends whenever one needed an open conversation - unbiased and non-judgemental. Clearly, the reason being my thought derivation of the non-existence of what the world calls right and wrong, what might be right to me, might be wrong to you and vice versa, and this is what makes each of us and our perspectives unique.

So when I was 21, I finally decided to take the bold step to start publishing what I write to the online world while using the same as a means to internally fight against the many insecurities and vulnerabilities I had. I named my first blog "THE MUSTARD WALL". But wasn't very sure of how much time can I devote to writing online regularly.

Writing for me has always been a therapeutic process; I mostly write for myself, but I eagerly wait to hear from my readers what their perspectives are. All of such conversations have always turned out to be a medium of exchange of information - just another little thing I appreciate in life - building human bridges.

All along this journey, I have discovered a new dimension to my school of thought, and I definitely have more reasons to write from what it was when I first started. The Mustard Wall is truly my own little passion project that will serve as a vessel to project my passion and talk of everything that inspires me to love my life every single day in this crazy world we live in. So sit back, relax, read on and enjoy!

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My very own “Bend It Like Beckham!”

Like most other NRK families, going to Kerala, during summer vacations was that trip of the year I always looked forward to. I am a proud Malayali as I pretty much love almost everything about my home city and state and being able to explore cultures did always fascinate me. Eating all the yummy food, spending time with my grandma, and along with it are some of my fondest memories of standing in the middle of a crowd gathered near the town junction watching the FIFA World Cup

Gender Roles!

A custom made brownie box by my all time favourite "Sugar Sifter" Recently I came across multiple occasions where I felt gender roles are not an option but an enforcement, especially when it comes to associating strength & power to one’s gender. I can carry my partner and he can vice versa not because I have a masculine body, but because we both are physically strong and that is what matters! From birth, we are assigned a gender type and are socialized to conform to certain g

Parenting & The Progressive Man - Maitreyan

A file photo from 2015, when I met Kani Kusruti, Maitreyan's daughter! Every time I listen to Maitreyan speak, I process every bit of his thoughts, the one that is of a progressive man as he states. I was often disappointed by the fact that his interviewers/hosts disagreed to most of his thought process, one in particular where they mentioned that Kani had a confused and messed up childhood because of her upbringing not done right. To all who questioned that, what is the rig

Meeting a Space Scientist & a Football Player both in one.

One from IMARC 2019, Mumbai, India While there’s no substitute for walking the show floor, organising the best of the events, addressing the audience, attending the keynotes and sessions, participating in the Birds of a Feather groups and spontaneous discussions that happen throughout the year under the banner of IEEE, all this interaction—both live and online—debunks the urban myth of the classic, socially introverted geek in me and here is yet another one of those for 2019,

Working for Sports, WHY & why NOT?

A file photo from February 2020_The Hero Indian Super League Picture Courtesy: Ashik George If you chose to read this, I am sure you will be one of these – a sports enthusiast, a management professional looking for some excited and adventurous work in a particular sport, a fanatic who always wondered what these guys walking around the field of play do in life, you have a sports management degree and haven’t discovered what to do in life now or you just want to know what is s

The “Call Out” Culture!

Instagram initially started off as a photo gallery in layman’s terms. With quite a lot of things happening on Instagram these days, be it the CAA-NRC, the Kashmir Article 370, Red Algae in Antartica, Boys Locker Room, Amazon Fire, Dalgona coffee, Challenges like Don’t Rush, the everyone is a Blogger trend, and much more - this social media platform has become the voice of today’s people - both millennials and the Gen Z. But what is rising at the back end of this virility is c

IEEE WIE Summit 2019

Had a wonderful time interacting with a bunch of energetic girls pursing their engineering degrees from various colleges in Kerala. Not very often do I get to see a hall full of enthusiastic girls with that spark to do something on their own and achieve what they really want to, the participants of IEEE Women In Engineering Summit 2019 were definitely those kind of girls who weren’t just listening to the sessions but they thoroughly enjoyed what every speaker had in store for

Gift it this way

Be it birthdays or anniversaries, the numerical count attached to it makes it different, no matter its the 1st or the 50th; its special. Gifting has become a part and parcel of all of our lives, and all we are worried of is how to make it simply awesome. Amidst that worry we often forget of little things that aches the heart of any human being with love. Be it flowers, chocolates, or even feathers. When you plan of something personalised, the best option is photographs becaus

Bridal Blush

To be a she sun to a he moon by the shore under the limelight was my dream. The dream to be a ravishingly beautiful bride not just from the outside but from within too. Every bride is a beautiful piece of art, no matter what the attire or the jewellery is, its the bridal glow on the face that radiates the beauty ! The wedding day is a special one, it will not be perfect but it will be yours. When the tables are set, the makeup is done, the photographers in line, the aisle is

Mauve is me

Mauve is me, purple in real trying to be pink. Pastel it is, so is why I love it. Its gentle and comforting, its a hue that soothes what you feel and embraces who you are. Its a just be happy color, so neutral in nature yet so milky and soft. Lucky is one to be a bridesmaid, and even more special when you are a bridesmaid at your brother’s (@salithrashnad) wedding. The mood was set, our dresses came all the way from the other corner of the world, jewelleries ready and we were

The love for lotus!

My tears of joy are water to the flowers I love. The floral bliss is a healing to my wounded heart. We grow into beautiful souls as the buds make it to become lovely flowers. Flowers, they are my muse, they cast their fragrance and radiance on me, multiplying what my emotions are. Flowers in my hand, and what more can I ask for. I ain’t any botanist, but my love for their details are sometimes crazy. Life has been very much rewarding, changing phases like seasons, from cold c

Undoubtedly uncontrollably unconditional

I doubt if I exist, because you don’t see yourself , you only see everything else, said this gentleman I adore the most, the one I look up to the most, the one who is next to me always, is my voice, my noise and my happiness ! I never could perceive a sense of my very own, he discovered what I was like, if I was an onion or a cake, what was led from within my layers. I am the stubborn little thing in his life but he still enjoys my pestering. It was strange how we could trave

From BTS to the Blue Dot

INK is that platform where I happened to discover that girl within me I wasn’t aware of. It had everything to offer to a 20 year old ambitious girl - global exposure, community interactions, technology know-how and the opportunity to meet some of those whom we call the world’s best. Started as a student volunteer seated at the registration desk to distribute lanyards and name tags to participants and today I have a memory I ll cherish forever, to have co-hosted a session at t


Are you the source of bliss to a kin or a soulmate ? Have you ever felt euphoric by the warmth of a hug from someone who cares for you ? What is that you long for and where is that you wanna escape to asked that stranger I met on an airplane, unknown of a lot of jargons back then I said, I wanna wander and let the lush greens tease my body and the touch of them tip my fingers. I wanna get lost in that seductive delusion. The crease on my rustic saree has strokes of unheard st

Hustler like my mom

See where the traits come from ! Single Moms are super heroes, not that single fathers ain’t but the fact that in a country like India, amidst all the stereotypes, to be that strong, bold and courageous woman to raise a child all alone takes a lot. Its twice the hard-work but I am sure its twice the love too. There have been instances, there have been people, who tag children raised by a single mother to be the “not good and disciplined ones” based on biased assumptions, forg

Drape Diaries!

Saree, 6 yards of a love story - magnificent yet simple. It isn’t as easy as a teenager assumes of what is and how it feels to be a woman, one eventually grows up to a woman, that’s when you value your own thoughts and clash with the ideals that were told and taught to you. The feeling of comfort, when I drape my saree and it hugs me tight, makes me feel womanly from within. The elegance of it is impeccable and can despise you. It is even beyond the grace and glamour that rad

Wall of resilience

I’ve been walked on, exploited and forgotten but I don’t regret even a moment of these because in those moments, I’ve learned a lot and realised even more. I’ve learned of vulnerability dependence brings with it and trust factor that of a human bond. I’ve learned the essence of human bondings on earth, and the magic mental intimacy does to the two in it. I’ve been to hell and back a few times and and know that being taken for granted is the worst of all ways one treats anothe

Plasterface was just a phase

My plastered face was my favorite. Life is a cycle that runs on learning, letting and luring through what the world has to offer. Somewhere between the saga, are the wounds - mental and physical; both hurting from in and out. There are phases where we tend to tear up ourselves to bind the wounds we ended up with. Instead, what if we exploit those deep cuts, forge them into wisdom - the one that’ll live forever. The pessimist in us from deep within, tends to stress & strain ov

Taken for granted

Sometimes it’s so much within you that comes in action when in love. The language of love is so complex that you devour with your eyes, you drink with your sight, and then you swallowed it whole. Yet love is just a substance, broken down, atomized and beaten thoroughly to flow in your bloodstream. In this bond, if ever you try to substitute, then you’ll sadly be disappointed and hurt. I never wanna be replaced because this ain’t a video game, the try, test and review mode. On

What love is like

Audrey Hepburn rightly said, "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other". Everything we do has got an "each other" effect in it. One or the other way someone does it and someone else is affected, either the good or the bad way. Sometimes it becomes so evident that you realize the worth of a soul only when ripped off from each other. Time and again, the fact is that we end up realizing how important it was to speak out and not just live on hopes and wishes, coz these w

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