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The Mustard Wall!

From the heart, raw and real, unfiltered, unadulterated.

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"the journey"

What is it that fuels me? 

Very close friends of mine who have known me for years and have seen my pile of notepads and diaries have asked me why I write. I mostly told them, that I love writing because I enjoy the process; it lets me talk to myself and my readers about the many things I carry within myself. For me, any journey starts from within.

So I started writing when I was 11, studying in a convent school and trying to cope with what dysfunctional families do to kids, writing began as journaling for me, mostly my conversations with Jesus at the Chapel every evening post-school hours.

At 15, I started writing about everything around me, my family, my friends, and even the people I got to meet or interact with.

At 19, finding myself in a very different space, with more exposure to the outside world beyond one's own city limits, unlike how it was during school days, I started writing about emotions, about people who seem to excite me, amuse me and even whose aura attracted me.

Since a very young age, I had always been that go-to person for most of my friends whenever one needed an open conversation - unbiased and non-judgemental. Clearly, the reason being my thought derivation of the non-existence of what the world calls right and wrong, what might be right to me, might be wrong to you and vice versa, and this is what makes each of us and our perspectives unique.

So when I was 21, I finally decided to take the bold step to start publishing what I write to the online world while using the same as a means to internally fight against the many insecurities and vulnerabilities I had. I named my first blog "THE MUSTARD WALL". But wasn't very sure of how much time can I devote to writing online regularly.

Writing for me has always been a therapeutic process; I mostly write for myself, but I eagerly wait to hear from my readers what their perspectives are. All of such conversations have always turned out to be a medium of exchange of information - just another little thing I appreciate in life - building human bridges.

All along this journey, I have discovered a new dimension to my school of thought, and I definitely have more reasons to write from what it was when I first started. The Mustard Wall is truly my own little passion project that will serve as a vessel to project my passion and talk of everything that inspires me to love my life every single day in this crazy world we live in. So sit back, relax, read on and enjoy!

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