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A daughter’s note

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

1. You are gifted with a companion (friend) forever to bear you in all your forms.

2. You realize the best of what your mom was to you and her upbringing was the best.

3. You get an additional mother’s love as bonus.

Like every other case, this isn’t factual always, varies from person to person, place to place or even one’s way to the other.

My mother taught me the fearless ways, but with compassion, she carved out the “ready for anything” me out of a normal girl like any other. She educated me of the good and the bad, so that I could choose what I wanted. For me, my mother’s love was fireworks, that did burn sometimes, exploded otherwise but yet when it hits the sky, it was a burst of color and love. Being the one, the single one, she had her own ways copping up the parenting struggles – but she always rose up like a phoenix and now she is a beacon to me, I set my future in the lights of what she always taught me, and the past reflects as a bunch of fond memories. The kid in me, felt she was a busy business woman, the young girl in me, was like she loves her students more than me, the teenager that I popped out to be, regretted that she was quite a tech-savy for her age but the adult in me is thankful to her, for what I am today and striving towards being, a responsible and independent woman who could stand for oneself.

Galib’s mom to me was a different scenario, totally opposite to what my mom was. Just a lot of pampering, with zero variations in the past 33 years. To me that was weird and felt a little undone but was a new learning and understanding of how each mother is different from the other yet unconditionally love their children in their own ways. In the past 9 months, I have worked on how easy can I get along with her and how I can explore ways to be as spoilt as I am to my mom, because its a different rush being a mom to a stubborn girl who sometimes pounds with love but sometimes is blank.

To every day, they take their positions and start their days – Happy Mother’s Day to all the days they have and will be that epitome of unconditional love.

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