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#AUnitedCity Campaign

Our FIFA Master Comms Assessment Group Work - GROUP 6 - GRAVY Communications

"Bringing the red and blue flags of Manchester together"

While we were brainstorming to look for possible scenarios that we can work on for our communications sub-module assessment, something that was key for all of us was to do a project that revolved around football as a tool for the greater good and social change.

We were keen that we wanted to have fun while we also make sure we deliver the requirements of the assessment and hence took a scenario that might look close to impossible at a first glance but then use that as the case to emphasise to the audience how we as communications experts can turn around things by making sure we communicate the message timely and rightly and drive positive impact.

Over and above the scenario that we chose to work on, we spread our wings a bit wider to cover cross-functional focus areas like unity, community, legacy, historic rivalry and the impact of football fans in the successful operation of the club and its activities.

Our team was definitely a great mix though this time the grouping was done in a very random manner by picking lots. Few of us attended the Manchester United Premier League Match against Watford last weekend and will be attending the Manchester City Premier League Match against Wolves this weekend. Maybe the assessment work being the sandwich between the two push our biases to look at this as our topic.

While we were creating a hypothetical situation, we linked it to a similar incident the city faced a few years ago - The Manchester Arena bombing and used data from then to gauge the sentiments of the city in times of adversity and hardship. Also, information we gathered associated with the different contributions both clubs did together during Covid via the NHS and the local community in and around the city of Manchester reinforced our idea and that our mission is possible.

Meet our frontend team (Yann Calder, Genevieve Favre-Savoie, Verdiana Ciccone & your truly) that pitched one of our most successful campaigns and communication plan to a team of experts from FIFA Master Sports Consultancy that comprised of their CEO, Mr Tim Payton, CIO, Mr Martin Polley, & COO, Mr James Panter.

Meet our backend superheroine, Ms Romaney Pinnock, whose efforts in collecting all the data for our research helped us come up with a solid and strong communication strategy and plan.

For further information and reading, here is the link to our work folder that has all the press releases as well as the documentation that was used for the successful implementation of our communication plan.

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