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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The view from my window!

I am a wolf, which is a wild dog, and this is my place in the city. I can see the city and the train line, it's beautiful in its own dangerous ways.

Dangerous because in the cities everything that is shared, is either snatched or fought for. Its ego over empathy, its control over compassion, its judgement over justice, its bias over beauty, it's chaos over comfort.

This is the best way I can put it across and thinking of this, walking past the tiny houses in the street in my neighbourhood, I wonder how would the stories inside them be like.

I assume is it going to be harder, life is unfair but unfair to all. I always wondered about the fact that houses have walls and rooftops for a reason, but what about the windows?

Is it for us to get a glimpse of what is around us, or to ignite curiosity to know of what is that which is not in here but out there.

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