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Bridal Blush

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

To be a she sun to a he moon by the shore under the limelight was my dream. The dream to be a ravishingly beautiful bride not just from the outside but from within too.

Every bride is a beautiful piece of art, no matter what the attire or the jewellery is, its the bridal glow on the face that radiates the beauty ! The wedding day is a special one, it will not be perfect but it will be yours.

When the tables are set, the makeup is done, the photographers in line, the aisle is ready for you to walk, and you can see your man standing in far distance, the bride in you is woken, so much by default that one feels effortless.

Her dress woven with love, her makeup done to enhance the beauty she carries and her smile to give her the final touch, her bridal blush. Her lipstick is a magic on its own, it isn’t just some wax, its her friend along to smile confidently.

A series of pictures (not the professional ones though) from a recent bridal shoot. An amazingly productive collaboration to create magical looks to portray the vibrant hues of the brides of India. .

No matter how much we have grown in terms of civilizations, I still find the stigma of a bride being “fair” stuck among us. Its 21st century already, when are we gonna be out of these tangled thoughts and unrealistic frames.

Was a happy bride with a pretty pecan brown skin and is still and forever will be one. #HappilyBrown !

And on her day, the bride is always right ! The queen, the boss lady, the one who gets so much attention that the guests stand in queues to get a close glance of hers 🤣.

Makeover 💄: @themakeupboxx_

Silhouette 👗 : @pashminadesignstudio

Jewellery 💎 : @atlascalicut

Clicks 📱: @shehzasanam

Photoshoot lensman 📸 : @irfan_cappuccino

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