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# Crowd

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Blurred a little

Yet noticed

How crowded we live

Privacy the villain

Spoiling togetherness

Globes still green& blue

Look at this

What is seen

You have one

I have one

So many houses

All of them

Yet never thought

Why not

Just live less crowded


All not so perfect

No one is

No one can be

If not why be called

The Humans

The sinners

Harm to self

Harm to souls attached




All be good in

Big books called dictionaries

On earth

Its just this

Top views talk of truth

Raw truth

So is God

Understands the real

Forgives the one who repent

And the one

Who follows the less worldly ways

Worldy sounds scary

Habits so weird

Emotions so fake

People so conditional

Situations so complicated

Understanding so rare

But where is all

All of that was sent

When Adam & Eve


Where is that

Unconditional Love

Missing now

Hard to regain!

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