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Drape Diaries!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Saree, 6 yards of a love story - magnificent yet simple. It isn’t as easy as a teenager assumes of what is and how it feels to be a woman, one eventually grows up to a woman, that’s when you value your own thoughts and clash with the ideals that were told and taught to you.

The feeling of comfort, when I drape my saree and it hugs me tight, makes me feel womanly from within. The elegance of it is impeccable and can despise you. It is even beyond the grace and glamour that radiates only when your core is strong, irresistible and tempting sometimes.

I may not pull out everything well, but I pretty much know my body and what it likes, coz I don’t let others decide on my boundaries, I let the way I dress reflect my personality and I let it speak.

I dress according to my moody head, its all about how I feel and what my emotions are and so its spontaneous and unplanned mostly. But still to me fashion is the flame and style is the serenity that when blended well portrays the person we truly are.

When I walk by you draped in a saree, love me like its all yours. And when the sky pours down love, let me drench in them, feel the warmth of your skin and let that touch of yours heal me from within. Let my passionate instincts explore your sensuality, chase your adventures and trail behind as your memories.

Every time I dress up and then take a glance of myself at a reflecting surface, I search for the purpose I find in my look, and once found I am content. But the lazy goose in me, goes hunting for easy alternatives, zips instead of buttons, embroideries instead of jewellery, covered clothing instead of sunscreen; and so I end up saving a lot of time prepping up. So many years down the lane, now sometimes when I try on a bunch of dresses, some claim to be mine and then there are no second thoughts.

Wrapped around my waist, hung to my shoulders, draped beautifully; no safety pins, no ties and knots, just wreathed in smiles. To lot more of yards of sheer elegance I ll find for myself, my love for sarees will last forever to tell you a million stories of their own.

I learned to set such frames from Jackson, my forever favourite lensman and my mister Galib captured them.

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