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Football Fever

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

As an avid enthusiast of football, being a part of the FIFA World Cup U-17 was a dream come true. Not just because FIFA is the international governing body of football but it is a body that focuses to improve and promote the game of football globally. I just love doing anything that reaches the community, where I belong and all of us too and looks out for some fun and packets of happiness and when it’s Football, it’s like the perfect piece to finish the jigsaw puzzle for me. This tiny contribution to the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is definitely a direct translation of my passion and enthusiasm for a job well done.

Football has always been a happy thing for me, I believed the game of football is beautiful and has the power in itself to create that elixir of joy and sharing in a community, be it the players or the viewers.

And here is something I wrote for my yellow blasters few years ago but now it is to every player who has made it where they are now, and to that one prolate spheroid thing, that all of us are crazy about; the FOOTBALL.

We’ll keep dribbling ahead and strive for the gold to find us.

But of all the ups and downs rare, there is nothing to compare

Nothing that can replace

The hard work, play and struggle

Though sometimes less sometimes his best, my hero was the best to what he can

I live again my happier days in thoughts that football brings

Every soul kicked it, yet is worshipped…

Weird ways of faith it is

How strange a priest it had!

It’s lived its life;

It’s played the game;

It’s had its rise and fall,

There’s history in the wrinkles of every worn-out football.

It’s gone the pace, and sometimes it’s been absolutely bust,

And yet was full of bounce.

Sometimes he’s broken many rules and oft has wandered out the bounds

Champions were them,

The ones who earned it hard

Out of consistency

Out of pace

Out of luck

But champions are those who are worthy of it, no matter who;

All of them did their part and so did all, it ain’t like we see, they all do their parts

The amazing panorama of jaculatory arms and legs

All the










And the tightening thews.

Tore are some tangled shots

And the jut of giant calves

The wriggleness

Sometimes wormlike

Sometimes snaky were those


That kept it moving forward

Priceless are their Loyal Fans…

To every football enthusiast, football is not just passion now, it’s way beyond!

World Cup Fever!

What if your office suddenly bursts out into the roars of a gallery? Here is a glimpse from a day in office, juggling between the calls of game and work, yet not ready to give up on both!

And yeah that thing on my head looking like a Television was pretty heavy but I guess those were the ones shot the most.

A collective effort output by :


Concept & Direction: Gopakumar Ravindran

DOP: Roshin Thankachan

Music: Justin Varghese

Assistant Director: Psm Faisal

Dubbing: Angel Shijoy

VFX: Pictorial fx

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