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From BTS to the Blue Dot

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

INK is that platform where I happened to discover that girl within me I wasn’t aware of. It had everything to offer to a 20 year old ambitious girl - global exposure, community interactions, technology know-how and the opportunity to meet some of those whom we call the world’s best.

Started as a student volunteer seated at the registration desk to distribute lanyards and name tags to participants and today I have a memory I ll cherish forever, to have co-hosted a session at the annual INK conference. Funny is the fact that two years back, I stood on that blue dot to check if the lighting is set right 😂

The study of human beings – Anthropology was always my favorite when it came to exploring a subject. Interacting with people, understanding their perspectives, analyzing life situations and arriving at practical solutions has always been running at the back of my head everytime I am in conversation with someone.

Those as trainings to curate talks, host shows and conduct interviews was what I was going ahead for and they did happen one by one.

To me in life, it’s never about how big or small something is, it’s all about what I got to learn and what others gained from the amount of time one has dedicated to it.

Be it talking to a friend about a car engine or conducting a workshop for college students on personal branding or even taking a session on being the professional the industry needs, each of it has helped me evolve as a person.

From winning extempore competitions at state level to delivering a seminar in the college auditorium to handling sessions in various colleges across India to being able to co-host the INK Regional Speakers was all a journey, still on the road mastering the art of public speaking.

All thanks to Nandini Ma , my biggest takeaway from what INK had to offer me, and to Lakshmi Pratury , the TED star herself for her lessons on discovering THEM, whose stories matter and can help make the world a better place. Also grateful to Yamuna for giving me this opportunity.

The journey towards discovery.

Stage Design @chiarahardy

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