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From soul to soil

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

One fine morning, a few months back, I was figuring out what is the best materialistic gift one can gift someone. Because these days, humans have become creatures who are super confused, that at times, their priorities shift from emotions to random materials.

A very close friend of mine said, ” A man can go crazy over three things :

Mohabbath (Love)

Nasha (intoxication) Aur (And)


Now how to put that in a sequence is one’s choice and depends on the priorities.

Confused with these weird changes happening around, I thought whatever I conclude of to be the topper on my list of gifting someone, it should be something that seems to be materialistic but still has some emotions in it and something that would remind humans about the privilege they enough in this big beautiful world.

Ignorance is not anymore bliss and our world cant afford it further, that ended my thoughts that I gift something that is hard to kill as hatred and war is what is spreading faster than love and peace, people hurt, cheat, mislead, spoil, harm, destroy and what not.

I often happen to hear that a gift should stay close to the heart, I thought why not make it totally close, close to everything the person is associated, close to everything the person does, close to everywhere he goes, and close to every morning he wakes up.

But what ? Materialistic, oh yes, something that has life ,emotions and is significant; that can be moved, taken, cared, loved, regenerated and the most important be a “Close”mate. And only the Almighty Lord knows how I ended up figuring out that “one” thing that is totally close to all of this are, “The Succulents”.

I feel gardening is an art – an art from the soul to the soil where one fine day all of us are to go. But why succulents, Yes because when its about gifting a plant like everything else, it has its own challenges. In that case why not something that nobody could look at and refuse.

Succulents are a group of plants that store water in their swollen leaves, stems and roots. This enables them to survive in some of our driest environments and that is exactly why I said its hard to kill or harm. Owning a tremendous variety of shapes, forms, textures, colors and flowers, they just look amazing no matter where you place them, what you place them in and how you place them.

A succulent garden is the best water-efficient garden you can have! As well as not needing much water, succulents can generally do with little or no soil, and will thrive in a rockery or in containers on a patio or balcony. Although they can look fearsome with their spines and prickles, or just plain ugly, cacti are transformed into strange creatures of beauty when their delicate flowers appear.

Succulents come in all sizes, from tiny ground cover plants through shrubs to striking tall architectural-looking cacti, perfect as background focal points.

• Miniatures:

Mesembryanthemums, Sempervivums and Sedums

• Shrub sized:

Aeoniums, Cotyledons, Crassulas, Echeverias, Euphorbias and Kalanchoes

• Tall:

Agaves, Yuccas and Aloes

• Rosettes:

Crassula, Haworthia and Sedum form rosettes or whorls of leaves

Rosettes are my personal favorites as they create a wonderful effect when mass planted and can be used for their pattern and texture. An outstanding feature of rosette succulents is the choice of colours available, ranging from cool powdery whites and pale blues through the greens into hot pinks, purples, reds, and even black.

But I’ll tell you “Why Succulents?”

-Low-maintenance makes it perfect for the “Lazy Us”.

-Colors are the smiles of the nature, so are colourful succulents too.

-They’re trippy.

-Can live in teacups, on ladders, in birdcages, in egg shells, in toys.

-They can help you find the seats or greet your guests, each one uniquely.

-Gravity doesn’t concern them.

-They’ll add some green to your dinner table as well appreciate a good book.

-They’ll dress up for any cupcake.

-They are totally living jewellery for all the fashionistas.

-Perfect companions for special occasions.

-And most importantly, they have incredible effect on ear pain!

( Peel off the surface a bit, squeeze out the juice in a tea spoon, apply to a piece of cotton and stick in in the painful ear and your pain would board the very next train)

-But the best of all is that you can use their cuttings to grow more succulents and be a creator.

My friend J (Jayesh Mohan) had this beautiful collection of succulents he had grown at his place, that it got me closer to them and love it over and again.

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