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Gift it this way

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Be it birthdays or anniversaries, the numerical count attached to it makes it different, no matter its the 1st or the 50th; its special.

Gifting has become a part and parcel of all of our lives, and all we are worried of is how to make it simply awesome. Amidst that worry we often forget of little things that aches the heart of any human being with love. Be it flowers, chocolates, or even feathers.

When you plan of something personalised, the best option is photographs because no matter what comes in to replace it, memories captured into stills are always mesmerising. Be it father’s day, mother’s day, wedding anniversary or the happiness of the arrival of a new born , flowers are always the next best option. A picture framed or printed on something that they’ll have along in their daily lives and a bunch of roses reminding how many beautiful years have just past is like the perfect combo to go for.

Roses are so many in shades, or even one can go with other flowers or even feathers or chocolates as per counts. A small note attached on every flower with memories makes it even more personalised and special.

Here are the three things you must make sure of when you are planning to create a personalised numbered bundle of happiness :

1. Colour – Be Right

Flowers or feathers or chocolates or even tiny little other things , make sure you are colour specific. Human beings nature of being colour biased is a fact that will help us do it even better. If its your special one you are planning to surprise make sure you choose the right colour, either their liking or the one that suits the occasion. Because its weird if you gift a bundle of yellow roses with your framed candid picture on valentine’s day.

2. Scent – Is Right

Scent , precisely let's call it fragrance. The markets are flooded with so much of scented goodies, be it candles, dry flowers or just sprays. Choose it right, preferably something that ain’t irritating because a bad scent can spoil a really good mood. Being careful doing that will let us avoid an irritated face with a beautiful gift in hand.

3. Set – It Right

The gift changes from what you bought to what you give, all the way you set it. Packing sounds like a formal word more mechanical but it does matter because the whole thing about opening it is the best part of the receiver’s curiosity. Making it more surprising is what it is all about and if it's done with anonymity, the gift just touches cloud nine of surprises.

And with all this in mind, here is an example of what I did for my mother on her 50th birthday. She was delighted to see a picture of hers with me stuck inside the card with 50 peach roses each with a little memory tag on it, a Pierre Cardin pen and a CD with all her family, friends and relatives wishing her. I handed all of these in a little basket wrapped in glitter paper and wished her happy birthday, gave her a tight hug, gently kissed her on her forehead and thanked her for all that she was and she will be in my life and I am sure that would have made her day and would definitely have been the best 50th birthday gift she ever dreamt of.

Keep gifting.

Keep gifting your wishes.

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