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Hustler like my mom

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

See where the traits come from !

Single Moms are super heroes, not that single fathers ain’t but the fact that in a country like India, amidst all the stereotypes, to be that strong, bold and courageous woman to raise a child all alone takes a lot. Its twice the hard-work but I am sure its twice the love too.

There have been instances, there have been people, who tag children raised by a single mother to be the “not good and disciplined ones” based on biased assumptions, forget random situations, there are organisations and central government entities rejecting candidates for the very reason. #truestory.

Doing it solo, reforms the person you are and also moulds your child to be independent and responsible – some structural wireframes of life as in philosophy.

There is a story behind everything, some are silly, some are strange, some are sad and all of them flash their own lights on our lives and so does hers too, one that’s hard for the society to digest, complicated for a child to understand and strength for her to push her limits. I always thought until recently that the book of my life starts from the moment I was born on the 15th of September 1994, but no it isn’t, it started from her, she who is my mother, she who gave birth to me.

I got weirder as I grew older, I wasn’t fixed on what I was wanting for, so much indefiniteness – woolly, wide and wavering like the sea I have always loved.

Motherhood is that one job that shows a funny pattern, the better you do, the lesser is your need in the long run. But yeah, its all a phase, the one you’ll yearn to be the mother of one, the other you raise your child and then the last where you struggle to hold them back.

Whatsoever it is, however it is, wherever it is, I am a hustler coz my mother raised me that way, the one where nothing can stop me from what I want and the one that has polished me to face this world, strong and bold.

Forever that enigma you’ll always want to know more of.

A Father’s Day & Mom’s Bday Special !

Thanks to @auswaf uncle for being the one who has instilled the value of parenting in me, though our conversations were rare.

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