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IEEE WIE Summit 2019

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Had a wonderful time interacting with a bunch of energetic girls pursing their engineering degrees from various colleges in Kerala.

Not very often do I get to see a hall full of enthusiastic girls with that spark to do something on their own and achieve what they really want to, the participants of IEEE Women In Engineering Summit 2019 were definitely those kind of girls who weren’t just listening to the sessions but they thoroughly enjoyed what every speaker had in store for them.

Though I was asked to speak on Career Building and Interpersonal Skills, I didn’t want to limit it to just giving random advises on how to communicate better or how to choose the right career path, both of which is very subjective to each individual and are available in abundance on the internet. I focused more on how one can build a profile the industry is looking for and what are those that can make an engineering graduate a better professional.

Thank you IEEE Kerala Section LINK team for inviting me and I must say, you guys did a great job executing a well planned event with a great line up of activities and sessions.

Picture Courtesy: Abhishek Bijoy, Azeem Waheed & Anand Raj

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