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Mauve is me

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Mauve is me, purple in real trying to be pink. Pastel it is, so is why I love it. Its gentle and comforting, its a hue that soothes what you feel and embraces who you are. Its a just be happy color, so neutral in nature yet so milky and soft.

Lucky is one to be a bridesmaid, and even more special when you are a bridesmaid at your brother’s (@salithrashnad) wedding. The mood was set, our dresses came all the way from the other corner of the world, jewelleries ready and we were like, @nithudina lets get you married.

The title tag comes with responsibilities, from crying at the wedding seeing them tie knots to helping the bride walk swiftly in her gown. Meeting a tribe of women from her life and then setting things on the roll together was a journey on its own.

And we didn’t want to be the typical bridesmaids, we wanted to be the best ones, the awesomest and the most beautiful ones, and then be everyone’s squad goals. To being the 13 to match the 24 groomsmen on the other end, we did what the best could be.

We popped the bubbly as she was getting a hubby, cheers to all the BTS and fun we had being her bridesmaids with a cute bouquet of serene lotus and white & red roses held tight in our hands standing beside her watching what we were meant there to be for.

And I somehow squeezed in my forever dream to be a little flower girl holding that basket of love in a picture!

Happily a bridesmaid!

👗 : @davidsbridal

👠 : @callitspring

💎 : @attrangi_designs

👭 : @sihamsays @miss__menon @aryaashok_91 @heera.kulamullathil @kayforkaymol @yogashruti @miluviswanadhan @ashii.nair @padkrish777 @richa24696 @joseph.neethi

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