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# My Yellow Blasters

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

We’ll keep this antique silver for now and strive for the gold to find us.

But of all the ups and downs rare there is nothing to compare

Nothing that can replace

The hardwork, play and struggle

Though less put on pitch, my hero was the best to what he can.

I live again my happier days in thoughts that football brings and everything the past three months gave.

Every soul kicked it, yet is worshipped.

Weird ways of faith

How strange a priest it had!

It’s lived its life;

It’s played the game;

Its had its rise and fall,

There’s history in the wrinkles of every wornout football.

It’s gone the pace, and sometimes it’s been absolutely bust,

And yet was full of bounce.

Sometimes he’s broken many rules and oft has wandered out the bounds

Champions were them,

The ones who earned it hard

Out of consistency

Out of pace

Out of luck

But a day will come thats ours;

My brothers their part and so did all

The amazing panorama of jaculatory arms and legs

All the










And the tightening thews.

Tore are some tangled shots

And the jut of giant calves

The wriggleness

Sometimes wormlike

Sometimes snaky were those


That kept it moving forward

Priceless were their Loyal Fans.

To every blaster and the KBFC Family, football is not just passion now, its way beyond!

Much Love❤️

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