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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

A prisma edited photo. A beautiful evening by the seaside. Location: Calicut Beach

“You are a part of a puzzle of someone’s life, you may take years until you figure out where you fit in, but always remember that someone’s life somewhere would be incomplete without you”

From the very first day we are pulled out of our mother’s womb to our last breathe, every moment, every work, every action of ours piles up to our bundle of experiences, some sweet, some bitter & some sour. But for every other person existing, there comes that one day when he/she/they stop surviving life on earth and rather starts living it.

There are many phrases on the power and motivation behind success, but then the greatest power is the company of those few people who makes everything in your life worth to be remembered of. They don’t let you feel any lesser nor want you to ever employ words that mean compromise, adjust or sacrifice. They love you and accept you the way you are and so do you want them the way they are.

There may be a million differences between you and them, but when they are along and we are together then every job is halved and every joy is multiplied. I ain't talking of what the human race always tags as love. I am talking about that state of a human being which makes one feel complete from within, nothing more, nothing less, just content and happy with what is their’s. Its about those very few people in our lives whom you don’t merely depend on rather expect to see making effective suggestions in your life and the ones who can support you and let you do what you love to.

They are the ones who can makes you smile no matter what struggles you are fighting. They are the ones who aint just listeners to your worries but rather the care giver of your life and the one who understands every single word you utter. The one who realizes every need of yours and the only one who can push you all the way till you find it.

It was a million tiny little things, when added together and thought of, told me, these people were supposed to be mine and I knew my instincts were right about the ones with the traits I just scribbled about.

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