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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The MOONlight kisses the sea and gets that glow on my face. When signs act as counter parts, the STARS of mercury aligns with time and tide. Souls REFLECT from the seaweed brains trying to hold on each moment as the heart begs me not to slip off. And then we grow from a TANGLED thorny shrub to a TWISTED luscious tree by each other as a shadow that even hangs on in the dark. I believe that I am a little bit in love with those neurons of yours making my soul immortal when those eyes go deep inside mine.


4 rings narrating a story so much undefined yet perfect.

The art of storytelling - Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting off from a very young age, but there’s a big big difference between good storytelling and great storytelling. The characters in the story becomes the epicentre of it and the structure of the story it's backbone. Story telling is beyond just words, it involves emotions, the surroundings, the audio and the modulation in one's sound.

“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.” 

― Vera Nazarian

A good story can convey a meaningful message, several thoughts to ponder over, entertainment for our eyes and sometimes even ignite a fire within us. Emotionally, intellectually or aesthetically, one or the other way, you need to connect with your audience, and this is very important in a world like today where everyone is super busy and tend to just skim through content.

We mostly experience the things around us through our senses, hence it becomes very crucial to make sure we keep the listener engaged, providing them a context creates curiosity and helps in maintaining the flow. In most novel, movies and so on, you will notice that they always choose start from a scene relatively in the future to catapult the reader/viewer right into the midst of all the action, or even to the end of the story sometimes, this is mostly to catch attention and is the easiest way to arouse curiosity and tension.

Being expressive and excited about the story yourself helps you reach out better to the person on the other side, also make sure you enjoy the whole process of creating that experience for others, the more you are into it, the better you ll be able to let others invade in to explore it.

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