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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Are you the source of bliss to a kin or a soulmate ? Have you ever felt euphoric by the warmth of a hug from someone who cares for you ? What is that you long for and where is that you wanna escape to asked that stranger I met on an airplane, unknown of a lot of jargons back then I said, I wanna wander and let the lush greens tease my body and the touch of them tip my fingers.

I wanna get lost in that seductive delusion. The crease on my rustic saree has strokes of unheard stories to tell you, from those that can get you high to those you'll be scared to even know of.

Let the sky shatter and let it rain, let her pour some love upon us and let me smell like that of the earthy scent I always loved about the rains. Healed will be my soul, drenched in rain, calm will be my body, sunk in bliss. Yet in that stillness, I look out for the one that makes my heart pound.

The pain I have felt will stay with me forever, I don’t defend it anymore, I let the stings make me stronger and chiseled are those bits of me, sharp enough to stab agony and cherish the depths of love.

You get to decide, you ought to choose coz I have shown you the best and the worst, but all of me !

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