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Sheer Bliss

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

It was a few weeks back that I received an audio clip, nothing so much to be curious about because it was just a music file, a composition of the legend  A R RAHMAN.

My mood at that state or may be the things that were going around me, not seeking much attention of mine would be one reason that I happen to notice this unfamiliar sound of an instrument in between the track. Listening to that was like something piercing deep into my inner state, a feeling of sheer bliss, now asking me how that feels like is something that words cant explain.

To settle my so called inner state I repeatedly heard it, almost like 10-20 times and to my surprise very time it repeated I was taken to another world or may be a void or maybe some place I am unknown of, and I could feel (not exactly but may be I was going off that way) what I have all these years heard philosophers or may be spiritual thinkers talk about peace.

PEACE, Okay – now that’s really a tough one to talk about.

So I was like, peace, chuck it but still you know that self of yours doesn’t keep quite, it will be like get up buddy, keep digging yourself.

And I was like let ask my friend who shared the file with me and figure out what that instrument is. I did find it and that was called a fingerboard and wasn't an instrument used by many. Since that scene of figuring what that was over, I started off all set to define what bliss or specifically sheer bliss is to me.

When true happiness shows up, the ego within us is bored because you know its too plain “ego” it's too ordinary. It never makes us feel special, has it ever to anyone ? exceptions do exist but for me its a NO. Its not how much we have or we own or is with us, its how much we enjoy whatever that comes along life. EGO denies the reality of the true dimensions of life, where competition, challenges, critics and so on are all a need for evolution. Saying all this about ego was just to define that bliss happens only when there is not even a tiny droplet of ego fallen within or even around.

I try my level best or may be even beyond, to be cheerful and happy no matter what I go through. For I have learned and even realised from the tiny little frames of my life that the greater part of our problems/misery/unhappiness is determined not by our circumstances that serve as excuses but by us, our disposition.

So never cry because its over, be happy it just happened. 🙂

Because this life comes with an unknown expiry date, I feel we’re made of hunger, a desire for life and so as we grow older, we need to open up all channels for life to flow. If we don’t and if we close off desires and get complacent, our life losses its freshness and is further meaningless.

Try to make at least one person happy every day no matter who it is and what for it is. If you cannot do a kind deed, speak a kind word to the ones for whom even that is priceless. If you cannot speak a kind word, think of a kind thought and work on your own self because its when we do good that good comes to us. Count up, if you can, the treasure of happiness and the every little action or deed of yours because its when you learn more of yourself that you understand more of others.

My inspiration was a materialistic fingerboard this time 😀, you never know what would be yours

And so my new list of all time favourites, the Cajon, the Handpan now has a new mate, the Fingerboard.

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