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Taken for granted

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Sometimes it’s so much within you that comes in action when in love. The language of love is so complex that you devour with your eyes, you drink with your sight, and then you swallowed it whole. Yet love is just a substance, broken down, atomized and beaten thoroughly to flow in your bloodstream. In this bond, if ever you try to substitute, then you’ll sadly be disappointed and hurt.

I never wanna be replaced because this ain’t a video game, the try, test and review mode. One might not be the only one in all the worlds who possesses rightly everything that you look for but one can definitely be that one who loves you selflessly.

You can kick me out, hit me down and knock me about until your heart is content; you can perpetrate any sort of outrage that your mind conceives and still be not empathetic because you don’t realize the pain of being taken for granted, you really won’t, until then! Keeping all this aside, what’s more complicated is that when you’ll be in a beautiful relationship with another human being, in not just one but in a million ways, you are provoked, you are challenged, you’ll loose temper, you’ll be seduced.

Every time you fail or fall, you’ll come to know your pitfalls, your limitations, your weakness, your ego, your jealousy, your possessiveness, your happiness – all moods popping in and out and you end up being constantly in a turmoil. In the long run, when reframed and thought over all again, this is the only way to know who you are.

That poise, the balance, the humor and the care-without these few, no life is close to reality. If it’s deprived of humanly emotions then its just egotism, vanity, and jealousy. Just a way people try things. Till that someone returns, merely for survival !

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