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The “Call Out” Culture!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Instagram initially started off as a photo gallery in layman’s terms. With quite a lot of things happening on Instagram these days, be it the CAA-NRC, the Kashmir Article 370, Red Algae in Antartica, Boys Locker Room, Amazon Fire, Dalgona coffee, Challenges like Don’t Rush, the everyone is a Blogger trend, and much more - this social media platform has become the voice of today’s people - both millennials and the Gen Z.

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True that not all men are the same but just like how the world stats say that 99.99999999% of men have watched porn so is the fact that 99.99999999% men have objectified a woman’s body, some with friends and some within their heads. And do you think me making that exception from calling it out a one hundred percent is to exclude the ones I haven’t met. That’s not how it works. When a revolution has to take place, it happens to the masses and not boxes of people with exceptions, whether it directs to you or not clearly depends on your character.

So then you don’t have to talk of rape or plan to do so to be misogynistic, the moment you materialise a woman, you too fall into that one deep hole, now how much deep you are, does matter though, but you are in.

You may call me a feminist, but that ain’t a designation for me to put up on my name plate, it is a choice to fight against all odds for the battles of many others like me and I definitely can’t tolerate patriarchy, and no man is born in that state of thought or sense of that, it takes birth within them as they grow seeing what is around them, from their own family, school and “SOXIETY”.

Shit has happened to every woman I know of in some way or the other, some sound less painful, some sound terrific but at the end, it is fcuking abuse, but I know of woman taking it lightly sometimes only because they feel it isnt much relative to what they have known of or hear of from around.

If I am emotional, I am called dramatic, if I love myself, I am called selfish, if I am selfless, it is called a publicity stunt, if I cry the hell out of myself and release what’s within me, I am called sensitive, if I am ambitious, I am called rude and controlling, if I talk of what has happened to me, I am called asking for sympathy.

HELL NO “guys and girls”. I am all of that, I am growing everyday, I have been in that comfort zone most of you enjoy and is a privilege, then stepped into what I call the fear zone all alone, exploring and exploiting all the exposure for the good, found some beautiful souls and great minds to have along all my life and also got gifted enough of bashing none I consider wrong decisions nor do I regret, post then walking into the learning phase slowly one step at a time, I learned how to smile at my past no matter what it was and call them chapters of my learning course material. Today I feel I have slowly stepped into what I proudly call the growth phase, where it doesn’t hurt of pain when I think of what was the past, nor am I overthinking of what future would be if life is so.

More than half or say majority of the men around us aren’t “sensitive”, the ones who seem to be, are too weak to provide care that they’ll break themselves before they can mend us.

This whole nature of men as they state, is been around for ages now, since human existence. And to add icing to the cake, here comes all our religions that tangle our thoughts with everything they perceived of what was written a 1000 years ago, none of us have any clue of how or what it was back then.

I am a millennial, yes the “generation Y” and a hundred percent justice to the term, we did have a lot of “WHY”s in our life, we have seen what was pre-internet and post internet, and so is why we all had sometime I believe I cannot live without “CURIOSITY”. I do have good friends from either side to where I belong, the ones we succeeded , “generation X” for whom everything we enjoy today was a discovery, a struggle and a privilege depending on the people/situations around them as well as the ones we preceded “generation Z” for whom it’s mostly going to be pre-COVID19 and post-COVID19.

Just like how much of non-sense is consumed on the internet so is the whole call out culture. I call it non-sense because for me any content created can have its own essence - either be funny, entertaining, emotional, inspirational or sheds light on various things around us hence knowledgeable and informative. It is high time that we need to figure out some way to sanitise data.

The human brain is the most dangerous weapon and all of us have one of those but yeah some have lost it clearly though, and hence being sane is hard for them these days. Going to a therapist, a psychologist or even a psychiatrist is no shame, because after all, we are humans, and as mentioned earlier that mind of ours needs sanity, to prevent it from controling us, manipulating us and even harming us.

The whole call out culture to me is a little messy, or may be I’ll rather call it not straight. It is an act of shaming which has never done good to humankind, it is a temporary relief to what has hurt you or the emotions you have suppressed but in the long run, I really dunno if it will do any good.

Yes, for all the matter of fact, it gets viral, everyone celebrates it, more of those from the side of the convict’s community and very few from those on the side of the offended community. For every woman who has gone through toxicity, it is an act of relief but for the shortest of spans, and for men, an act of support. But what in the long run, do woman really work on themselves to get past that pain within themselves or do men stop objectifying females around them. Think for once!

The whole calling out culture in-fact puts both parties in dilemma, the one called out becomes everyone’s favourite wall to spit hatred and the one who called out becomes everyone’s strong woman/man/third gender of iron to look up-to until the virility exists. But what after that, everyone is back to where it was. Point Zero. Period.

Where is what we call healing, reviving, moulding, reforming all gone hidden? Mistakes, big or small needs to be addressed, rightly enough for once at-least. And those called out, do you think they were born to do this, NO. They are so today because of what was around them yesterday, then if the question is “why aren’t we trying to bring about change to what is around them and work on what tomorrow should be like“, the answer is yes, we should do that meanwhile now that they are adults, they have enough access to know of things and understand the damn thing.

I have had situations were I could have called out, but what do I get, a lot of likes, reactions, reposts, reshares, a bucket full of sympathy, a tumbler full of empathy and some fame. But what did I do instead and why I call that real “CALLING OUT” is because I wrote to whom it meant to be written; to those who sit on chairs that gives them the legal authority to fix it, fight it or end it, because you are nobody to judge what someone else has done as your circumstances are not what hers/his/theirs was or is.

So is cyber-bullying and shaming. Stop this culture for good. Let your opinions and thoughts be heard, but do not create hate in the process.

You do not need validation if you believe in what you do, if you are confident about who you are and are passionate about doing it.

Let us create an environment to grow, to learn, to strengthen what we call the law and order and to let people explore and get exposed to what reality and goodness is. Let all our work contributing to change continue.

May happiness be not something you yearn for, let it be something you are blessed to feel everyday.

PS: This does not intend to question any acts of raising your voice against abuse/injustice, this is just an opinion of what an extended usage of it does, how it ends up harming someone and no good it could done in the long run.

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