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The love for lotus!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

My tears of joy are water to the flowers I love. The floral bliss is a healing to my wounded heart. We grow into beautiful souls as the buds make it to become lovely flowers. Flowers, they are my muse, they cast their fragrance and radiance on me, multiplying what my emotions are.

Flowers in my hand, and what more can I ask for. I ain’t any botanist, but my love for their details are sometimes crazy. Life has been very much rewarding, changing phases like seasons, from cold chilly winter nights to flower bloomed colourful spring mornings.

It’s an irony, that you place flowers on the dead, what good is that for when you couldn’t find time and give them one when they smiled at you longing to be along forever. At least for me, flowers are my constant friend.

What a lovely things, is a lotus ! No flower can be as pious and serene as of that. Fully bloomed in muddy ponds, there are a sight of delight, bold & beautiful. Let’s grow like a Lotus, with abundant water, air and sunlight and don’t let the dirt get onto you.

Lotus is one of the most resilient flowers of all, bloomed out of mess, surviving the mercurial behaviour of weathers, spreading fragrance that’s euphoric and triggering genetic memories.

The Yellow Mello

Earring @aarvee.chennai

Picture Courtesy @g_a_l_i_b

Selection Courtesy Beena Aunty

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