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The Summit Secretary’s Note

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

IEEE Women In Engineering International Leadership Summit 2018 – A global high profile summit showcasing women talents who have accomplished phenomenal success in their respective fields be it business, technology, arts or humanitarian cause. The Kochi edition of IEEE WIE ILS was framed around a theme of foresight “emPOWERing TOgetHER”.

The summit seeks to celebrate womanhood by generating innovative ideas from technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, architects, and humanitarians who are women and to develop strategies which aim for the wholesome development of women, especially in their life as a professional or in their pursuits of passion. The summit also acted as a catalyst for many smaller events on focused areas to see that Kerala women are further empowered to reach great heights in their chosen areas of interest.

The goal of WIE being to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally, the program in Kochi was outlined to inspire live action and fuel up creative fires and experiences that span over six core pillars: Leadership & Empowerment, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology, Sustainable Development, Health & Wellness, Change Makers & Offbeat Shows; Offering the community and connection, the information and inspiration, the motivation and momentum to help one discover what one’s true potentials are.

The event was designed in connection with the Women In Engineering Affinity Group’s collective mission to promote woman tech-enthusiast to become the next generation leaders, tapping the true potential of women professionals. This techno-managerial symposium was an orientation towards bridging the gap between what a common man knows of technology advancements to what the reality is. It provided a tremendous opportunity for the student, professional and business community who attended to interact with some of the world’s best human and android beings and explore what’s next.

After a series of hugely successful both nationally and internationally acclaimed techno-managerial events, we unveiled the Kochi edition of IEEE WIE ILS 2018. It is believed that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world might ultimately cause a hurricane in another part of the world. We aimed at bringing this ‘butterfly effect’ by stimulating positive vibrations in a world of technology-with-a-heart. Taking technological advancements to the larger community, the event was a transcendental realization of our obligation to the cause of reaching the larger community that spans over the different strata of the community. We teamed up to encourage countless hidden tech-enthusiasts of our nation to answer every challenge and grab every opportunity.

A T-shirt I happened to notice once said: “You’ve read my T-shirt. That’s enough social interaction for one day.” While that gave me a good belly laugh, it stood out as a contrast to all the lively conversations taking place around me and that’s why IEEE is the biggest technology networking platform. Hosting such an event, our plan was to bring to the world; ideas, solutions and life stories that intend to create and make a difference. And the idea of documenting the event was to make sure it reaches a lot more.

“I’m a hybrid, flying by the seat of my pants type”. The designing team did pull off all stops to make sure that everything that went roaming inside my head looked as attractive as possible and my content team used all the words they know and I have added some to it, for the technical jargon and the new generation approach as applicable, trying to put it out more or less in an easily readable manner.The journey organizing the event, from ideation to set go was wonderful and I hope our team has passed the level 1 for now. We need you to tell us how we’re doing and what we can do more for you. So as always we are ready to deliver what you need.

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