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To the unknown

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I really don’t know how much I mean to you because I haven’t dug that out of you. Death leaves a heartache that stays forever, so hard to move on but the moments of life we would have shared with them keeps us alive. Love aint so, love is a memory and no one can ever steal it from you.

If there is something that calms me down, then it is sleep; and one day there was this sudden roar I heard, unidentifiable, unrecognisable – amidst my sleep, the roar was a little scary.

Unknown was I of the fact that it came from within me, a pale voice whispering “ Was he the one ? Was he your right or your wrong ? The right would protect your purity and give you his soul to spread yourself and the wrong would ignore your presence and will push your wounds out in the dark.

A split second and the silence was broken; My consciousness then narrated what my heart yearned for hearing the longest!

I’ll forge the stars,

Break all odds,

Fix all that’s needed,

Because immortal is my love for you.

As you smile, you lit the fire in me,

Bright a flame, I scribble all over;

Upon everything around,

The glittering skies and the scarlet splendours of my little charms.

Every moment that has passed us,

Is worth a million years to last.

But when the wait is long and the darkness falls,

Scornful noises all around,

Written will be versions of what the world never knew of.

Perfect love, strange & undefined,

But sometimes, what’s yours finds you !

My love for you will outlast what measurements to me are,

And from there, I’ll take you back with me, to where we belong.

It’s always half timing and half destiny,

So wherever you are, whenever it’s right, whatever you feel,

You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.


Photo Credits: Jaffer Zadique

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