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Undoubtedly uncontrollably unconditional

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

I doubt if I exist, because you don’t see yourself , you only see everything else, said this gentleman I adore the most, the one I look up to the most, the one who is next to me always, is my voice, my noise and my happiness !

I never could perceive a sense of my very own, he discovered what I was like, if I was an onion or a cake, what was led from within my layers. I am the stubborn little thing in his life but he still enjoys my pestering.

It was strange how we could travel through each other irrespective of anything and everything. We ain’t from the same star, but we do share a box that’s been there since the start of our lives.

He is one of my greatest possession on this earth, the one I can numberless times amuse in numberless ways. My spellbound heart pounds with joy, when I see that smile of his bloom out.

Every moment I think of perspectives, he is that one emerging out of me. My mould was shaped from lessons of life he had sung to me. He could pierce through my darkness and show me the light I ought to get hold of.

To us, love is the key of understanding each other, blending emotions to the right mix and embracing each other to the rawest of what we are. He is more than a perpetual feeling for me. We are together for a myriad of reasons we explore everyday.

He breaks the complexities in me, and I discover the entanglements of his emotions. He could find every part of mine, the lost ones, the jumbled ones and even the broken ones.

We are strange, somethings contradictory, even volatile, but we hold on tight to what life offers us. We are never blinded by all the materialistic love that come across, we have cut our hearts open to what the world calls unconditional.

Picture Courtesy: @universe_dope

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