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Wall of resilience

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

I’ve been walked on, exploited and forgotten but I don’t regret even a moment of these because in those moments, I’ve learned a lot and realised even more. I’ve learned of vulnerability dependence brings with it and trust factor that of a human bond.

I’ve learned the essence of human bondings on earth, and the magic mental intimacy does to the two in it. I’ve been to hell and back a few times and and know that being taken for granted is the worst of all ways one treats another.

Life ain’t a task, it’s the stage set for one to try the variety and learn from them, grow better and do good for oneself and the others. Every action of yours or the one of other’s that affects you make you stronger day by day. Feel that rush that spontaneous reactions, unplanned actions and open thoughts bring to life coz you never know how many days you’ve got left with you.

“They tore me apart, but still I’ll raise my hands to reach the world, touch the sky, pick my stars; a million dreams to accomplish, some good deeds to cherish, curious cases to ponder over, and never to quit life”.

If you are criticised, take that on a constructive note, coz the ones who did, dedicated a fraction of their time on you, let their intentions not affect you, a smile & a thank you might work better and then just move on. Because the patience and perseverance in you will serve as your biggest weapons against them.

Build your wall of resilience and let others not invade it!

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