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What I thought of “All of what you may know”

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

For the past so freaking years of my life, I have met a handful of amazing women and a few stellar men who were exposed to their yesteryear leading role models, had empowering stories and strategies of self-origin or of tales they have known of and that inner gut to face up an audience who had the power to ripple effect change in their own lives, and the betterment of others and the world.

My mind has now built on its own a powerful community, that internal has a curation flow system that blends a series of engaging, intriguing, and very quotable assorted human voices with diverse experiences, stories, and strategies from within to reform the whole thing to the person I am today.And yeah ton loads of kisses and hugs to all those above said men and women in my life and trust me, I want to say ”THANK YOU” to each one of you.

Usually, people who call themselves normal, gather so much information in their lives, get inspired reading a lot of motivational write-ups, own a notebook full of notes and then, guess what, never look at them again.

People are astounded by the fact that I have never ever read a book in my life, or maybe to put it precisely, never ever have I completed reading a book other than what the school syllabus and my undergrad college university prescribed. But I can't just say that and sit like a useless person, I read articles, blogs and everything on the internet that is useful. How do I get time is by not watching, reading or listening to unnecessary drama and trends happening on the internet.

I am not ashamed of it, though I know reading has so much of sayings associated, proven worldwide for quite some ages now. I always felt that with so many connections and their unique stories, sometimes it gets too much overwhelming to know where to start with implementation when I get back to putting things in my real life scenario. And yeah there is a whole frame where we got to face a thousand other urgent and pressing work and life responsibilities and these voices of connection I behold in my life start playing in sync to every situation I respond to.

I have a few gunshots, as I would love to call it – that I use and maybe all of you can too and can always give me the critic realizing which of it resonates the most with you and tell me of those somethings that I would have definitely missed and is what sparked something in the unique self of yours.

I always felt it’s us, that pushes and pulls us, that attracts and distracts us, that motivates and discourages us, all of it, it’s just us and that only you know that self of yours. And its a fact that every one of us has the potential to be more powerful in our own life and work, whether we manage a team of hundred or work for oneself, whether work is your profession, passion or domestic routine, proves to be right.

I love threads, I know it’s purely materialistic but trusts me it holds on a lot, find below 9 “all of you may know” threads that I ‘ll try floating here that has always embraced and internalized what I am and maybe what each of us is.


No matter what shit you are going through, just try to smile and be happy for no reason. The moment you tend to start being happy only when you want to be happy is when you really act like a chef customizing what you want to have for the day.

Happiness is just a feeling that can be pulled out of each of us without a reason, just like that saliva rolling in your mouth. Even if there isn’t a need for much of it, it’s still there, so just be happy.


Loudly and proudly tell the world, this is who I am and that’s enough. We aren’t one to be decided on perspectives, we are many things put together in different forms. Honor the person you are, decide on your own of what you think is right and is not, and then there you are. Hold on to yourself and then mark your presence in your present tense.

Stop listening to the dark voices around you, cos it’s okay for boys to have dolls too. Learn to ask why NOT? and seek help from that inner you none of us are aware of.

I have learned a little secret from all the true leaders I have met or had a word with, that they have this other side of theirs like mine, what I call the introvert me, where I am in my own skin and following my own compass of spontaneous action. That self of mine knows my strengths and my unstable points and has already mastered the art to avoid and delegate what makes me vulnerable.


Make it a fact of what your passion is, cos facts are easy to digest. Define it, briefly but for the humanity, never apologize, don’t take chances to regret, put it to your books of failures to learn from and start to speak with shit loads of conviction. Let it be something bigger than ourselves – something that can keep you going in circles, no matter how soft or rough a patch you are running through.

Create a filter system cos your brain is a little smaller than the whole of you. Let it feel some persistent pain or frustration from within, outburst it all alone and see what’s coming out, pass it then through that system of yours and check on what vision you can see in your head and what that can do to the world.


Dropping is part of the process, but when you start to learn from every drop that you have had, you start figuring out that critic in you and get set to hit the next shot. Love the struggle you go through cos it ‘ll definitely be tales your grandchildren will someday listen to. Be nervous, be worried from all directions, cos if you are not then I see no growth in you.

Never listen to a NO, learn to spit back that NO and go do your thing, cos it’s just another guy’s opinion. Build a credibility with yourself so that no matter what falls over your head, you know you have a company for yourself. Never let your target, dream, desire, and wish collide, cos its harm, as each of it has a priority scale.


Who hasn’t had twist and turns, kicks and throws, dark and light in what we call life? Work life and you – is integrated and a process is a juggling act. Make a unique pattern or a combination of what priorities are to you, but yeah be agile and flexible to adjust to those patterns as you never know when it will rain and when does the storm come up.

Life is stages, phases, portions, sessions, scenarios and sometimes all of this. Never fall into a routine, he’ll slave you, make transitions, jump and hoop if needed. Have a basket full of plans, not just one and a backup, make a lot and believe that then all of it can’t go wrong.


Is there something called “Balance” in our lives, does that word mean a state or conditions where you manage everything in your to-do list or is there a state of balance or is it an art of living. Balance is fluid in nature, it is just not static, it keeps rolling and it begins with taking care of ourselves. A sustainable you can build a sustainable anything. Taking care of yourself just makes your connections with everyone else around you better and comforting and let that take care span its hands on to the physical, mental and spiritual you.

Smell the flowers, find a rainbow sometimes, stare at a lightning and fall in love with yourself again. The world can wait, have time in abundance, stock it up and share some with another living being, cos he/she/it can always bundle up with you as we all have the same. Before checking in with the outside world, check in to your system.


Do something once, repeat, do it every day, do it so often that it scares you beyond what you have ever recognized you could. Don’t wait for everything to come fall in your way, start acting even in self-doubt. Let go of overthinking and behavioral patterns in you that keep you stuck. Keep saying No to all that pulls from within and start saying YES to all the burning and lit desires in you.

The imperfect you is the perfection. Be proactive and convert the reactive to preventives. Don’t let voices pass through your mask and make you paralyzed cos courage is not about not fearing, it’s about acting and moving ahead in spite of fear. Be your own superhero. Find the antidote and start acting.


I believe working in groups are the best. Collaborations lead to new breakthroughs and accelerate what our target is. Make the collective with a diverse pack of unique human talents and unleash the greatest potential. The speed to the end of everything is when it’s combined and so will the speed of what you desire will also work like.

Leverage the natural talents in you, find what runs in your blood, what you carry in your genes, explore Ultima and search for the rest. Learn to love everything around you, anger is in abundance, so why add to it.


It’s always about where you want to be next and so it doesn’t really matter how much you make, what matters is how much you spend, how much to save, both what for and why? Holistically, people around us may call it financial planning, chuck the terms, and know the money you own and add on to.

What we desire or want for, is always the projection of the bucket list of our own perspective consciousness. I have a simple technique that I created for myself or I can say learnt from my mother, who was a Math Teacher, nothing that’s got to do with science, so don’t worry, its pure math – just noting down what I spend or save or let’s say all that money matters, recently my kin suggested me an app, to just make this work easier, – for your use. Now that I pen down all my money matters, at the end of each day, each week, each month, each year, I have this customized summary of all the shit I have done with the money I have, I don’t and want to have. And then what, I figure out things that I was not happy about doing and just eliminate that from my system. As simple and as easy as that. Trash and we ll be happy.

So yeah, I have finished the whole thing, now take it or just chuck it, its up-to you – all notes above are what I want to tell you, one perspective of the million faces of mine and one perspective of the infinite ones in the world.

Thank you Nihal for the click.

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