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With Zoya & about Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

One with “The Zoya Akhtar”

Unlike other Hindi filmmakers, Zoya Akhtar is someone I admire a lot for the sybtle way in which she throws a lot of heterogeneous set of issues in our society, the ones we are really are aware of.

The three protagonists ofZindagi Na Milegi Dobara might seem similar at a single shot, but they had very different approaches to life, influenced by the people in their lives, a unique school of thoughts shaped by their individual past memories.

This movie of hers reminds us of essential human behaviour, the basics about how we as humans possess certain set of characteristics, how we perceive things, end up being judgemental and so on. The basics of identity and individuality is questioned here, the constraints the society impresses on us, the restrictions that is pressed on us in the name of tradition & culture runs through the narrative Zoya creates around her storyline. She usually extracts performances out her actors with genius writing.

What I love about their movies is that each character has a back story, a history to why that person is so. Not the whole of it is usually shown on screen, but she gives us subtle hints to sketch that character. The way she portrays each character as a product of various circumstances and result of unique experiences just makes it so relatable that reel gets close to real.

What makes her a great creator is her nature of being a keen observer, attention to minute details which you'll miss seeing in your usual masala movies. The storytelling is set to context based on excerpts from their aspirations, emotions, relationships, socioeconomic backgrounds and realities.

Now a little bit about Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara meaning we live only for once.

Background: A vacuous tourist adventure trip.

Rule 1: Breaking all realities and societal norms for having the best moments of their life.

Privilege Point: All characters are wealthy enough to afford luxury, holidays that are usually a bit of the upper class types.

Highlight: How lives of the privileged are really, so much different from our perceptions.

Just like Dil Chahta Hai, another young blooded movie from a few years, Zoya managed to pull off an electrifying cast.

Farhan, one of my favourites is the unfunny guy of the gang who thinks he is funny, the one in the chill pill mode and now you know what is pain number 1.

Abhay, another actor I like is the straight-man, levels of all hormones normal.

Hritik, my favourite dancer after Prabhudeva is the good looking guy of the gang, the silent one here but the one who is emotionally enrolled to this storyline.

Katrina, was a little more than her hot body this time, Zoya focussed on the beach, the scene and very unintentionally not a lot of unnecessary attention was paid to portray women as an object of physical attraction.

Kalki, just tries to show us the real women problems, yet was able to single along in that car with those four. She is insecure, possessive and what not to an extend she hops on the next flight and joins her fiancé's friends on their stag party

The thread is about a bachelor trip in Spain, gorgeously shot by cinematographer Carlos Catalan. The three men, bffs have a bet to honour, a promise to keep, to perform three scary stunts, suggested by each, done together. Each of the adventure sport; deep-sea diving, sky-diving, running with the bulls and to add to it, the Tomatina festival is shown so realistically, pulling off the right vibes of the escapade. The picturization is in such a way that it makes the audience literally experience every moment of the adventure.

One corporate "slave" (forever stuck to his job), a beautiful scuba diving "instructor", a closeted "poet", an insecure "fiance" and the society's good boy. The three men are clearly differentiated in their diverse characteristics, one so intense, one hen-pecked and the other one compulsively flirty.

And finally what we end up taking home are memorable, amusing moments of three truly adventurous amigos we've all grown up with.

I'd say, take chances always, love your dear ones unconditionally, spend money on things that makes you happy, make good friends, do good to others, care for all lives, promote social causes and just be yourself. Fall in love again and again, hug someone when you need some warmth and give a hug to someone who is in need of one, tell it right at them when someone is hurting you, stay away from toxic relationships and people, cry when you want to shed some pain, scream when you feel you need to expel something out of you, watch cute and funny videos, follow your favourite standup comedian, dance like no one is watching, stupidly pose for pictures. Live your life to the fullest – love it and live it the way you love it, Kyunki Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

I love movies that are feel good ones and Zoya Akhtar is the queen of feel good movies.

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